Why We Love Google+

Let’s be honest – Google+ isn’t exactly the first social media account that comes to mind. It’s not something most people vigorously check and obsess about like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  However, Wellington Group Marketing & PR uses Google+ very frequently and we felt compelled to share our captivation. 

  • Google+ is promoted by the biggest technology platform on the planet. You want to make Google your friend. Posts to Google+ will be prioritized by Google Search and who doesn’t want to have Google on their side? 
  • Using Google+ allows you to have a tailored search engine by finding specific information that relates to your interests on Google+. Getting the results that you actually want while using Google Search. 
  • Google+ authorship is a great feature for increasing SEO. This feature tags your content and lets Google know you created it. That way your image and Google+ information are shown next to your content in search and your information is ranked higher than content without the verification.
  • The layout is very user friendly – when you scroll through a page it’s formatted like a mood board – a bit like Pinterest. Updates are easy to read and the presentation is attractive.
  • By clicking “Explore” you see what’s trending, top posts, and have the option to look through specific categories including art & design, nature and sports.
  • With “People” selected from the left drop down menu, you are able to discover other Google+ users including businesses and YouTube channels you subscribe to. 
  • There are “Communities” on Google+ including Fashion Bloggers, Crockpot Obsessed and even Disney Fans! Connect with others around the world virtually who share your same (weird) interests. Events can be created through communities.
  • Have a virtual party with your friends or hold a business meeting from your computer using the Google+ hangout feature. 

In short, Google+ is a sleeping giant. While it’s not the most popular social media platform with American users, it deserves a prime spot in your social media arsenal. Your SEO will thank you. We encourage you to jump on the Google+ bandwagon. And while you’re at it, add Wellington Group Marketing & PR to your circle!

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