What’s In Anna’s Bag

One of the traits of a good public relations pro is being flexible and prepared for whatever the day throws at you. We are constantly on the move and trying to wow clients through service. The contents of our work bags reflect just that – ever ready and on-the-move.

Today we are taking a look into what Marketing & PR Superstar Anna keeps in her bag:

  • A Journal – You have to have a place to store all your thoughts and memos
  • A pencil pouch – Perfect for business cards and odds and ends
  • A cute planner – Typical “Type A” necessity
  • A healthy snack – An apple and Justin’s Almond Butter really hits the spot
  • A pen – Obviously
  • Glasses case
  • A cute coin purse
  • A cat toy – Princess Mia demands constant attention
  • A brightly colored lock – Gotta keep that gym locker secure
  • Headphones – From the morning sweat sesh to office jams, you have to keep headphones in your bag

What do you keep in your bag?

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