SEO: Why Does It Matter?



Bottom line: your website is your #1 marketing medium. It’s how people find you, understand who you are, and get in touch. It is your best lead generation tool available and, therefore, can be an incredible source of revenue.

A beautiful and well branded website design is important (which we cannot stress enough), but that alone will not guarantee that your audience will find it.  So, how do you ensure that your company is seen and heard? Search engine optimization (SEO).

How can you work to improve your search engine ranking?

  1. Create Fresh Content: Blog
    Search engines give greater value to websites that produce fresh content regularly. And, unless you are a big-time eCommerce company, uploading new skus on a weekly basis, your website is generally too static to make the cut. Not only does blogging provide added value for your customers and another outlet for new prospects to discover you, the fresh content that your blog brings to the table helps your ranking by leaps and bounds.
  2. Up the Engagement: Social Media
    With Google’s recent Panda update, social media now carries far greater weight than ever today. Search engines take both followership and engagement (e.g., mentions and retweets) into account. Their thought process? The more engagement and followers you have, the more authority you must have over your area of expertise and the more fresh content you must be producing. Note that this does require you to link your social media from your website and vice versa.
  3. Break It Up: Subpages
    Although it doesn’t seem as user friendly at first glance, search engines (and customers) reward sites that separate their content into various subpages. Think about it this way, because we separate our service pages between branding, social media, marketing, and design, we can be more easily found when someone is searching for that specific service. This also allows for the keywords to be included in your URL and title tags, which helps in the optimization process as well.

Remember that keeping up with your SEO ranking is an ongoing process. With new websites popping up everyday, you are never finished. Stay on top of Google updates and industry trends to ensure you’re changing your methods as the algorithm itself changes too. It’s worth the time and energy!

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