Our Favorite Post-Workout Snacks

Whether you work out in the morning, afternoon or evening, what you choose to eat post-workout truly makes a difference. After exercise, your body goes into recovery mode, so it’s important to choose foods full of nutrients to re-energize your muscles. Here are some snack suggestions to help you feel better and to see the results of your workouts!

  1. Hail Merry Grawnola
  2. Protein Smoothie from Daily Juice
  3. Quinoa (get in bulk from in.gredients)
  4. Justin’s Almond Butter
  5. White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt
  6. Grandma’s Hummus
Images courtesy of: Hail Merry, Daily Juice, foodsubs.com, Justin’s Almond Butter, White Mountain Foods & Tribeza. 

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