Our Favorite Breakfast Taco Spots

Austin is known for many things – live music, the University of Texas and, most importantly, breakfast tacos. We’re not kidding, tacos are taken quite seriously around these parts, and luckily for us, there are yummy options on just about every corner. But with all of these choices, where does one begin? Don’t fret – the ladies of Wellington Group have got you covered with our list of favorite ATX breakfast tacos. Enjoy!

  1. Tacos: Their Migas on Corn is literally the best Migas we’ve had in Austin.
  2. Tacodeli: We could eat their Black Bean & Cheese tacos every single morning.
  3. Juan In A Million: Because why wouldn’t the Don Juan be on any Austin breakfast taco list?
  4. Taco-Mex: We’re still dreaming about their Bacon and Egg tacos.
  5. Tamale House: If Anthony Bourdain approves of the Chorizo and Egg, then so do we.

What’s your favorite ATX breakfast taco?

Images courtesy of: thrillist.com, seriouseats.com, 365thingsaustin.com, Taco-Mex Facebook page, ginnysaustin.com

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