Is Thanksgiving Dead?

Black Friday

Thanksgiving evokes images of succulent turkey and pumpkin pie, family reunions and screaming matches over a football game. But over the last couple of years, the fourth Thursday in November has transformed from a time dedicated to family bonding and giving thanks to just being known as, “The Day Before Black Friday.”

In 2012, Americans spent more than $59 billion over the four-day Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. Each shopper was shelling out an average of $423. That’s a lot of dough! So, with Black Friday bringing in all this revenue, many stores are starting to open their doors even earlier – on Thanksgiving Day. This lead us to wonder, is Thanksgiving dead?

More and more people are starting to answer “yes” to this unfortunate question, especially due to the outrage brought out by Walmart and Kmart’s recent announcement. Kmart will be open for 41 hours straight starting at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. So, instead of celebrating with their families and resting, retail employees are required to work on Turkey Day. Both stores suffered backlash from angry customers who threatened to boycott the businesses if they didn’t reverse their decision.

Year after year, more stores are caving in and opening on Thanksgiving instead of waiting for Black Friday. The importance of Thanksgiving is slowly becoming lost within shopping carts filled with bargain clothes, toys and electronics. If this trend continues, will Thanksgiving cease to exist?

Either way, we are excited to be celebrating this glorious day at home with our families over a big spread of delicious food. No Black Friday shopping for us!

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