How Vine and Instagram Video Can Help Your Brand

Vine vs Instagram


Whether you want to document a sunny day at the beach or you’re part of the communications team at the White House, Vine and Instagram Video have become widely popular tools for social communication. Vine debuted back in January as a Twitter social media feature, while Instagram added its own video sharing feature in June. Even as relatively new members of the social family, Vine and Instagram Video have already caught the attention of major brands and organizations for its potential as strong marketing mediums.

Here are a few tips to stay top of mind when posting your own Vine or Instagram Video for your brand:

  • Time: Remember that these videos are relatively short – so use your time wisely.  Vine only allows you to record 6 second videos, while Instagram allows for 15 seconds. No matter which application you choose, try to condense a handful of topics into a short time span. Break them up and use them as a series.
  • Humanize: Your audience wants to put a face to the name. Because you’re working with a video application, you can capture your company culture like the way BuzzFeed did with their hilarious employee dancing Vine. Or give your customers a behind the scenes look at your company, like the way Burberry did with their Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show.
  • Sound: What makes these 2 video applications different from your regular GIF, which has also gained online popularity, is there ability to produce sound. Play a catchy tune in the background or your own brand’s theme song – have fun with it.
  • Stop-Motion: Vine and Instagram Video’s stop-and-start functionality allows you to get creative with stop-motion videos. Large companies like Lowe’s and Starbucks are using stop-motion to deliver great technical tips and creativity inspiration that represent their brand.
  • Humor: Have fun with it. Vine provides a great opportunity to garner some laughs from your fan-base. Tyra Banks was one of the first celebrity Vine experimenters, creating a huge buzz for herself while doing so. Smize!

How will you use Vine or Instagram Video to help enhance your brand?

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