How to Stay Focused at Work

According to Time Magazine, most people now have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish’s at nine seconds. It’s no wonder then why we sometimes struggle to stay focused at work with a validating statistic like that! Maintaining your focus is a difficult task, but there are some tips and tricks we use at the office to help us power through.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee – The power of caffeine is real. While many of us choose to start off the day with coffee, experts say that drinking your caffeine between 10 a.m to noon and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. will actually help you to be the most productive. If you’re someone who still needs their morning cup of coffee, don’t feel bad, these prime times are good to keep in mind when you are debating that next cup.

Hide Your Phone – Yes, we are well aware this tip is easier said than done. Many of us work with our phone out on our desks, right next to our computer, but this can easily become a distraction. If you’re finding yourself getting distracted often, move your phone from sight. Place it in your desk drawer or purse and change it to airplane mode or “do not disturb” mode. If you have a really important task to tackle, you may even consider powering it off. In addition, this can actually be very helpful for your device. Only when it is powered off can your phone receive service tower updates.

Get Organized – At the start of each day, write down your to-do list and make sure to include the amount of time you think it will take you to complete each task. By including the time, you’ll be more likely to stay on schedule, which also means you’ll subconsciously be forced to more focused and on task. Plus, it is always satisfying to see the visual progress as you cross things off of your list throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated – It seems we’re always hearing about the many benefits of water and there’s a reason for that: hydration is key. If you are dedicated to maintaining focus, then you have to stay hydrated, and coffee doesn’t count. Invest in a reusable water bottle and keep it full and near your desk. You’ll be surprised at the difference you’ll see by simply drinking more water.

What are some of your tricks for maintaining focus at work? Share with us in the comments below!

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