How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business

Whether you’re showing off the latest products in your line, or sharing boards chock-full of the inspiration that drives your work, Pinterest can be a seriously great tool to connect consumers to your brand. In fact, according to Rich Relevance, Pinterest shoppers spend significantly more per checkout than any other social media outlet, and Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic today.

The popular social media outlet has become well known for its strong appeal to foodies, DIY lovers and brides-to-be. However, what is little talked about is its potential for greatness (when used correctly) for a wider variety of industries, ranging from tech to finance.

Since we are avid pinners ourselves, we compiled seven ways your company can make the most out of Pinterest, Martha Stewart wannabe or not:

Research. As with any new project, it’s always important to research before you completely dive in. 

  • Take a look at what your competitors are pinning to get an idea of what types of boards you should be following and creating. If your competitors are not on Pinterest, don’t think this is a sign that you shouldn’t have one—jump in first and stay ahead of the game!
  • Pinterest allows you to be creative, so don’t always stick to pinning strictly about what your company does. Find out what types of content attracts the most repins. This will require some trial and error on your part.
  • Research the most popular keywords in your category and use them in your descriptions to encourage more traffic to your pins. With a 500-character limit, you’ll have plenty of space to fill in relevant key words, which will also increase your SEO.

The more research you do, the better the outcome your company’s Pinterest page will have.

Think before you follow. Your Pinterest feed is filled with a slew of pins from those you’ve chosen to follow, so choose wisely. Your feed is where the inspiration process begins, so who inspires you most? Think about your target audience, what inspires your work, and who pushed you to be where you are today. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur who has a strong female audience, try following Oprah Winfrey—after all, she is one of the most influential entrepreneurs out there!

Go big. It never hurts to follow companies outside of your element. Search for national news sources, such as Time Magazine or NBC News. These are great sources to stay up-to-date on current trends from around the world.

Use your expertise. What do you consider your company to be an expert in—Law? Artisan food? Mobile app development? Whatever your niche may be, create boards that are relevant to your company. Use the search feature to explore what’s already out there to repin—you might be surprised! From interesting infographics to recent articles about the latest industry trends, share it all!

Personalize it. Consumers like brands that they have personal connections with, so why not give your fans the chance to see inside your everyday work routine? Take photos of employees around the office or during conferences and events. Let consumers see that you are regular people, just like them! Adding unique videos to your Pinterest page is also a great way to connect with your audience. American Airlines does this via a dedicated “Behind the Scenes” board, giving you a little peek into what their employees do to make sure you have the best flight possible. Other video ideas include “how-to” or case studies, both of which will provide your customers with an inside look into your company.

Balance Your Boards. Sharing other users’ content is great, but it won’t lead traffic back to your site. Sharing your own content leads traffic to your site, but it can turn off fans if it’s all that you share. Work towards finding a balance between the two, and you’ll find Pinterest success soon enough!

Be Unique. To reiterate, Pinterest is not just for retailers and consumer-packaged good companies. A large variety of industries can find great success through this ever-so-popular social media outlet. However as an industry outside of the stereotypical Pinterest scope, you’ll need to be creative. How? Take our client, Far West Capital, for example. They provide factoring and financing to small businesses. With their target in mind – entrepreneurs who need constant inspiration to keep moving forward – they have curated their boards with inspiration quotes, statistics and stories. Find your out-of-the-box angle, and go with it!

When creating your Pinterest page, keep these tips in mind to ensure your company makes the most out of it. Familiarize yourself with group boards, and always be sure to promote your Pinterest on your company website and other social media sites.

To help you get inspired, Pinterest has created a list of success stories from other businesses that are using the site to help explore their brand. You can also use Wellington Group’s Pinterest page to get your juices flowing. Once you’re feeling inspired, get out there and start pinning!

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