Fiat’s Not-So-Social Media Campaign

At Wellington Group, we are always on the hunt for brands that introduce innovative new approaches to marketing. We recently ran across a blog-worthy (anti-) social media campaign that did just that.

In case you haven’t heard, Fiat’s Abarth 500 is just too fast to follow. If you try to follow the vehicle’s Twitter page, their following briefly goes up to 1, but then rapidly returns back to 0. This approach is truly one that no one has ever tried before and, frankly, isn’t typically something that most companies would want to flaunt.

We applaud the innovative thinking here, but what kind of reverse-psychology is this? Why is this German-based company going against what most brands spend millions of dollars trying to build? Well, it sure has made some noise in the marketing industry. View the discussion by following hashtag, #zerofollowers.

So what can we learn from this not-so-social media campaign?

Standing apart from the crowd is priceless. While every other brand out there is vying for more followers, likes and re-pins, Fiat did some serious out-of-the-box brainstorming and found a captivating new angle. As we mentioned in our recent blog post, Be Bold (Without Crossing the Line), with so many messages vying for consumers’ attention nowadays, it’s vital to find new and creative ways to market your brand — don’t be afraid to shake things up!

We hope this clever campaign will inspire you in your marketing efforts, and cause you to think more out-of-the-box with your brand – it has certainly made an impression on us! What are your thoughts?

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