The Importance of Engaging on Twitter

Twitter Engagement

As a business owner, you understand the impact that social media can have on your company. After all, it’s called social media for a reason – you have to be, well, social! However, simply updating your Facebook every couple of days, or retweeting articles every now and then on Twitter is not enough. Effectively engaging on social media, specifically on Twitter, is what makes your company shine above your competitors. It takes time, but it’s definitely manageable. Here are some tips that will help make your Twitter engagement a breeze:

Establish Your Audience
The first step to engaging is identifying who your business is appealing to. You want to publish tweets that will solidify your client base and attract potential clients. Your audience will also include other businesses who are in your industry and local businesses. Pinpointing your target audience will ensure that you’re making the best connections that will help your company grow. 

Have genuine human characteristics
Building a conversation sounds easy enough, right? The important aspect is that you build long lasting relationships with your customers. It’s exciting for a customer to get a retweet or mention from a company because they feel special for being noticed. When talking (or typing), you want to engage with your customer as you would if you were talking face-to-face. It’s essential for brands to embrace human characteristics and not be robotic when engaging. 

Here’s a great example from Austin-based Whole Foods Market. They are a social media powerhouse that’s known for going above and beyond when engaging with their customers.

Whole Foods Social Media

Respond to positive and negative feedback
As a business owner, you know that not all customers will always sing your praises. It’s important for your company to step up to the plate and respond to both positive and negative feedback. You never want to delete the negative comments – this will not only make the situation worse, but it will reflect poorly on your company, causing customers to think that you are dismissing their issues. 

An example of how to appropriately respond to negative feedback is one provided by JetBlue’s social media customer service team.

JetBlue Social Media

Increasing your Twitter engagement can take your business to the next level and differentiate you from your competitors.  Looking for more ways to increase your Twitter engagement? Check out our previous post on how Twitter is quickly surpassing traditional news outlets. 

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