Quarterly meetings are something we get excited about at Wellington Group (no… really!)

We enjoy this tradition to collaborate as a team and discuss what the last quarter of business looked like, as well as reflect on what big aspirations we have for the next.  We see it as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, re-inspire, and refuel our team while collectively designing our future. After deeply discussing what we can do even better to help our customers, we celebrate our successful quarter by doing something fun as an office. This time, we decided to check out a local wine and dine. We got to try all different kinds of foods and had a wonderful time catching up with each other.

Thankful that we can be productive team members within the office, and good friends out of the office, we anticipate our next quarterly meeting together.

Written by Kendall Hanna


The day had come. Secret emails had been circling around the office about this day. Plans had been constructed, and only spoken about in hushed voices.

When the sun came up today, we knew it was time to get to work. With streamers, balloons, and singing cards in hand, the Wellington Group team marched into the office early this morning with one mission: to make Dawn’s birthday amazing.

While her birthday is really on Sunday, March 4, we weren’t going to let her birthday go by without a proper Wellington Group celebration. We decorated the office head to toe with birthday paraphernalia, and even hid our cars behind the building so our birthday girl wouldn’t suspect anything. Dawn, when she arrived to work, was greeted with a loud “SURPRISE!” and an office overflowing with balloons. But we weren’t going to let the birthday surprises stop there.

Later that afternoon, we took Dawn to her favorite restaurant, Casa de Luz, for lunch; a small micro biotic restaurant with an earthy, Zen-like feel. After finishing our organic, nutrient-filled meal, we had one more pit stop. Arriving at a bakery named Delish, we picked up some red velvet cupcakes that live up to the bakery’s name. Once back at the office, everyone was so excited to eat these gluten-free treats (we were also excited to know we had successfully secured “employees of the year” titles).

We are lucky to have such a wonderful boss and friend, and were happy we were able to have an early birthday together with her as the Wellington Group team.


Written and Photography by Kendall Hanna

Wellington Group loves Valentine’s Day. Last Tuesday, we relished the occasion to show each other, as well as the community, the power of caring. The day began with sweet hand-written valentines being exchanged, a meeting with one of our favorite people and clients – Cole Harmonson, and a delicious breakfast from Taco Deli.

After the day of work, we wanted to make sure Cupid’s arrows had the opportunity to shoot the community around us as well. We decided, as a group, to volunteer at a local retirement home where we regularly serve at to help with a Valentine’s Day party hosted for their residents. We were grateful for the opportunity to serve punch and ice cream sundaes together as a team, and were excited to watch the crowning of a Valentine’s king and queen. Spending time with the residents graced us with stories of their remarkable life experiences, like that of the man who had received a purple heart in World War II or the several ex-business owners. After being serenaded with old timey tunes and cleaning up the room practically busting at the seams with Valentine’s decor, we said our goodbyes with promises of return for a Bingo Thursday.

We were thankful we had a Valentine’s Day that wasn’t just an over-commercialized flower marketing scam. We were able to participate in a day of genuine care and service together as the Wellington Group team.

Written and photographed by Kendall Hanna


One of our core values at Wellington Group is Active Community Outreach. We live this out through a variety of ways such as volunteering monthly at a nursing home, Anita is a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters and we have a solid internship program. Believing internships are one of the best ways to expand the experience and knowledge of a particular career field, we love to provide a “behind the scenes” experience for students every semester.

Our latest addition to the office is Chidi Anyadike, a junior at Dartmouth College who had, after a few short weeks, already been dubbed as “rock star intern”.

Wellington Group puts a large focus on making internships more than just making coffee runs. We really invest in providing a dynamic experience to help students gain experience to pilot them into the professional world and provide them with the tools and working knowledge of how a business is run. When asked what Chidi wanted to gain out of her semester internship she replied, “I am hoping to learn what it’s like to function in a professional/office environment, as well as learning to work under more strict deadlines. I also want to learn about the PR industry and how it adds to businesses. I am learning so much about what it means to run a business and all the thoughtful and purposeful decisions you have to make”.

Chidi has already been hard at work writing new hire releases, drafting contributed articles, blog posts, newsletters, and editing media lists. “My favorite piece to write” Chidi explains, “was the MLK Day email and it was the one I got the most positive feedback on. I liked it because I got to read through many of his speeches and other people’s reflections on him. I even got to reach out to one of my old history professors, Susannah Heschel, who knew him when she was a little girl. Her father was THE premier Jewish theologian of the 20th century and she has written a lot about his friendship with Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement.”

Her dreams don’t just end at producing great articles, though. “I just recently decided I’m going to graduate school after college”, says Chidi when asked about her dreams for the future, “and I think I would really like to start my own charity.” We love that, Chidi! “I grew up Methodist and I was very actively involved in missions all throughout high school. I think my favorite mission trip was re-building a woman’s home in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina. Currently, I am a mentor for children in a housing development in Vermont. I am also philanthropy chair of my sorority, so I am in charge of organizing a lot of service work for other people, too. In the future, I think I would really like to go back to Morocco and do work with women’s projects there.”

Chidi enjoys other parts of Wellington Group as well. “I really like learning about ‘young adult women’ life. I am usually around college students all the time and it’s so inspiring to be around really smart, mature, and passionate women who do such interesting things!” While Chidi recognizes how busy it is around here, and how it’s sometimes hard to even catch a breath in the business of the day, she appreciates the office holds true to another one of its core values, “work hard… laugh hard”. “I was pleasantly surprised on my first day when I noticed the atmosphere was so playful. I think it makes me more comfortable asking questions or asking for help when I don’t understand a task I’ve been given.  I think we also eat hard, too…”, so says the queen of Girl Scout cookies, who makes sure we always have plenty of Carmel Delights for our 3 o’clock munchies.

Chidi says the best part of this company is “Wellington Group cares a lot about its customers—their businesses as well as the other aspects of their lives. It’s really refreshing to see after all the business meetings are done, WG is able to have a genuine conversation with its customers!”

We care a lot about Chidi too, and are thankful to have this “rock star” intern on our team.

Written by Kendall Hanna


One of Wellington Group’s goals this year is to volunteer every month, and we recently spent part of our afternoon at Retirement and Nursing Center. Tucked in Central Austin off Burnet, Retirement and Nursing Center is a nursing center and rehabilitation health center for long–term and short–term residents. Staffed with an abundance of nurses, therapists and other important staff, the center is a bustling place, especially on game day! We enjoyed meeting, talking, and playing games with the residents, and spending some time away from the office for a change of scenery and great team building. It was also very interesting to hear stories about the patrons’ lives. The residents are sure full of character!

They love volunteers at Retirement and Nursing Center. If you would like to volunteer, visit their website to learn more about the place and to submit the volunteer form to find out more about opportunities. They have morning and afternoon shifts, and the staff is very welcoming to new faces.

We’re looking forward to returning to Retirement and Nursing Center soon!