Our Favorite ATX Gluten Free Spots

The ladies of Wellington Group love exploring Austin food, especially when it’s gluten free. But as you probably know, finding good gluten free restaurants can be a hassle. To simplify things for all of you GF foodies, here’s a list of our top 5 favorite gluten free spots in Austin. Happy eating!

  1. Gluten Free Buns from Hopdoddy Burger Bar
  2. Gluten Free Desserts from Better Bites Bakery
  3. Gluten Free Tartines from Blue Dahlia Bistro
  4. Gluten Free Pasta from Olive & June
  5. Gluten Free Pizza from Sagra Trattoria and Bar  
Lick Ice Creams

Summer is finally here, and for the ladies of Wellington Group, that means hitting the streets of Austin in search of the best ice cream cone. Thankfully for us, it didn’t take long to discover Lick Ice Creams on South Lamar (and in pints at our neighborhood grocery joints), an Austin original priding itself on “honest and local” ingredients. 

One of our favorite things about Lick is the variety of flavors.  Even if there’s a line out the door, there’s still so much excitement and anticipation that you don’t even care about the wait. Once inside, you’re greeted by a wide variety of unique flavor options. And when we say unique, we mean unique – goat cheese with thyme & honey and roasted beets with fresh mint, to name a few. And for those of you who aren’t feeling as adventurous, their Texas Sheet Cake and Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil and Sea Salt are seriously delish.

What’s best? The all-natural and local ingredients that Lick uses to make its ice cream. From grass-fed milk by Texas’ own Mill-King Market & Creamery to local ingredients like Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil and Great Bean Chocolate, the Lick team insists on using only the freshest, most high-quality products, most of which include seasonal offerings native to Central Texas land. Bottom line: it’s absolutely worth the extra dollars and cents to treat yourself to ice cream that is not only delicious but has local roots and honors Mother Nature herself.  

So, if you haven’t experienced the yummy deliciousness of Lick yet, GO NOW! Seriously, drop what you’re doing and go this instant. Your taste buds will thank you.


The Wellington Group Marketing and PR team are huge nerds when it comes to trying new restaurants and products around Austin. We even take time during our lunch breaks to try some of the restaurants and hotspots that are within walking distance from our office. Our recent favorite? People’s Pharmacy. We can’t seem to get enough of their locally delicious food, and seriously can’t stop drinking their green juice!

We tend to visit People’s (that’s what we call it on the PR streets) quite often to grab food or an afternoon sweet snack (Better Bites cupcakes, anyone?) But on a recent venture, something different caught our eye – a large selection of gorgeous glass bottles containing the pharmacy’s very own homemade PharmFresh juice with a cute “Drink Me” style tag that had a fun Alice In Wonderland feel. Since we do love fresh juices, we knew we had to buy a few for our office to try. We simply couldn’t resist the green juice, and boy, are we glad we tried it.

PharmFresh has a variety of different flavors, including The Love Cleanse, Winter Greens, ORACle and Beta Carrot Zing. Our favorite is The Love Cleanse, complete with cucumber, spinach, parsley, kale and celery. It really is easy drinking green. No matter which juice you choose, they are guaranteed to taste super fresh and to give you the nutrients you need to feel rejuvenated and just plain healthy!

Another great reason why we love PharmFresh is the pharmacy’s awesome recycling program – the juice comes in a super cute glass bottle (that we seriously want to keep and put fresh cut flowers in), and if you bring the bottle back after you drink it, you’ll get a refund. See, what’s not to love?

So the next time you’re looking for some fresh juice, be sure to check out PharmFresh at People’s Pharmacy. There’s a good chance you’ll see the WG ladies picking some up for ourselves!

Whether you work out in the morning, afternoon or evening, what you choose to eat post-workout truly makes a difference. After exercise, your body goes into recovery mode, so it’s important to choose foods full of nutrients to re-energize your muscles. Here are some snack suggestions to help you feel better and to see the results of your workouts!

  1. Hail Merry Grawnola
  2. Protein Smoothie from Daily Juice
  3. Quinoa (get in bulk from in.gredients)
  4. Justin’s Almond Butter
  5. White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt
  6. Grandma’s Hummus
Images courtesy of: Hail Merry, Daily Juice, foodsubs.com, Justin’s Almond Butter, White Mountain Foods & Tribeza.