We were recently invited to attend a Shape class at Dancers Shape in Austin off of Burnet Road and had the best workout experience! According to the studio’s website, Shape is the signature barre class at Dancers Shape where clients quickly sculpt their bodies through elements of tweaked ballet positions, pilates, yoga and weight training for a total body work out. Modifications are offered for all levels. According to me, it was challenging, fun, upbeat, and it was over in a flash (all classes are an hour long). Jennifer McCamish, a former Radio City Rockette with more than 30 years of dance experience, owns this local gem. She’s also the Director of Training and Lead Instructor at Dancers Shape. Ladies, if you’re looking to sculpt, shape and have some fun doing it, and men, if you’re brave enough or actually wise enough to attend a mainly woman-filled class, then take a class (or take several classes) at Dancers Shape. You’ll love it.

SIDE NOTE: The customer service is top notch!

CLIENT APPRECIATION MONTH! Bring a friend for free to any class, and if they sign up for our New Client Special-Monthly Unlimited ($100), you will get a free class on your account or a discount on your next auto debit!

WARNING: Not all barre classes are created equal. There are a few others in town, but only Dancers Shape is the real deal – local and lead by a professional New York dancer who decided to get back to her Texas roots (she’s holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Texas at Austin).