Nothing Better Than Better Bites

If you haven’t already noticed, the ladies of Wellington Group absolutely LOVE delicious treats. That being said, you can probably imagine our delight when we discovered Better Bites Bakery products at our local People’s Pharmacy. We were practically drooling when we first discovered their double chocolate cake balls – seriously, if you haven’t tried them you’re missing out!

The cake balls are rich and flavorful, satisfying every post-lunch sweet tooth craving we tend to get from time to time. But the greatness doesn’t stop at amazing flavor. Better Bites Bakery products are crafted with food allergies in mind, meaning that you can depend on them for the highest quality gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free and organic baked goods. Delicious AND healthy – I mean, does it get any better than that?

Better Bites Bakery also sells cupcakes, cakes, cookies, bread and scones, among other delicious goodies. We’re certainly doing our part to sample everything on their menu, and you should too!  Plus they’re sold at 20 different vendors around Austin, so there’s really no excuse not to try ‘em out. So go out and get some Better Bites today!

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