Case Study: Maguey Sap Recipe Development

Have you ever tried to launch an unfamiliar product with a funny name in an overcrowded market? We have. And it worked fabulously. Here’s just a flavor of our needle moving strategy.

Meet Maguey Sap (pronounced Mah-Gey), a staple and household name in Mexico. A healthier alternative sweetener, it’s delicious, natural, fresh and packed with prebiotic fiber, antioxidants and amino acids. The team behind Maguey Sap, Villa de Patos, came to Wellington Group Marketing & PR to introduce this sweet and sappy product to the US.

Part of our robust marketing and PR plan includes developing approachable and appetizing recipes to showcase the versatility, flavor profile and deliciousness of Maguey Sap.

We research, create, develop, test, perfect and photograph recipes. We’re able to use these recipes to send product, food samples and recipe cards to the media and grocery store distributors, use them at demos in grocery stores and national tradeshows and share them with people like you.

If the recipes aren’t enough to have you running to your nearest Whole Foods or Central Market, learn a little more about Villa de Patos and Maguey Sap here. Even better, here’s a coupon. You won’t be disappointed. Happy Eating!

This is just one strategy we put into action for our clients. Interested in learning what else we did and how we can help you?

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[Download the full case study here]